About Hunter Technologies

Hunter Technologies is a sales and distribution company based on the Central Coast of NSW, Australia. We specialise in sourcing cost effective, environmentally friendly options that are easy and cost effective to maintain. Hunter Technologies is an Australian owned sales and distribution company, and we take pride in using Australian products and materials wherever possible.

Hunter Technologies is the Authorised Distributor for the Anti Bio Technology Systems. These systems use low frequency sound waves to treat water in many different applications, including beer line treatment, commercial swimming pools and spas, residential Swimming pools and spas, tank water, town water supply treatment, water features, ponds and more. Working with Anti Bio, we are continuously finding new and exciting applications for this great Australian-made technology.


As well as offering a wide range of innovative, environmentally friendly products, Hunter Technologies is also involved in a large number of cutting-edge initiatives, including the Great Pools Program and Quickwatertanks.com.au. These initiatives are designed to help the local community in a number of ways, including fundraising for worthy causes and assisting local businesses.

Hunter Technologies is currently looking for more retail outlets, construction companies or resellers for our products and services. If you are interested in reselling any of our systems, please contact us.

Hunter Technologies is always on the look out for products which are beneficial to the environment and/or cost effective solutions. Any manufacturer with products that would suit Hunter Technologies please contact the office to discuss distribution.