Main Benefits

ABT70 activator unit
  • Greatly reduce your chemical usage

    By up to 60% - Reducing time, running expenses, and making your pool safer

  • Less water wasted during backwashing

    Save thousands of litres a year of our most precious commodity

  • Helps keep your pool virus and bacteria free

    Including Cryptosporidium

  • No more red eyes

    Enjoy your pool for longer - no more complaints

  • Water feels softer

    Feel much more refreshed after your swim

Further benefits

  • Easier maintenance of all areas of your pool or spa

  • No maintenance required on the system

  • Less heavy chemicals

  • Improves current pool maintenance systems

  • Reduced exposure to harsh chemicals

  • Reduction in chloramines, lower chemical feel and smell

  • Lowers algae and residue build-up

  • Reduces that “dry feeling” whilst bathing

  • Significant dollar saving for short pay back period

  • Low voltage transformer, therefore minimal power required

  • Great environmental savings with less water and chemicals used to maintain your swimming pool