Frequently Asked Questions

ABT70 activator unit
  • Can the Anti Bio System be used on a swimming pool without the use of a disinfectant such as chlorine?
    No. All water used for human consumption / contact should be disinfected. The Anti Bio system is designed to reduce the amount of chemicals introduced to achieve safe water.

  • How long before the effects of the Anti Bio can be seen?
    Signs of the effects are generally observed within two weeks of the Anti Bio System being turned on.

  • Does the Anti Bio System require any maintenance?
    No. The Anti Bio system has no moving parts.

  • Does the installation of the Anti Bio System intrude on any current equipment?
    No. The Anti Bio System is fitted externally to current equipment allowing for simple retro fitting.

  • Are there any known side effects of the Anti Bio System on humans and animals?
    No. The Anti Bio System is powered by a very low voltage (10volts, 1amp) power supply. The System transmits sound rather than adding chemicals to the problem being treated.

    The System has also been accredited with four separate international safety compliance standards.

  • Is the Anti Bio System expensive to run?
    No. Due to the low amount of power required, the Anti Bio System is extremely economical to run.

  • What does it mean when "CHECK COIL" is being displayed on the screen of my Anti Bio System?
    The Anti Bio System will display "check coil" if the sound frequencies are unable to reach the activators. This is generally caused by a disconnection of the leads between the ABS unit and the Activators or a breakage of the Activators. You should contact your local Anti Bio representative for further instructions.

  • Can the AB System run on solar power?
    Yes. Contact Hunter Technologies for more information.

  • Can I install the AB System myself?
    Yes. The AB System comes with a simple to use installation instruction booklet. If you prefer, installation can be arranged for you.

  • Does the Anti Bio System come with a warranty?
    Yes. The Anti Bio System has a one-year warranty for domestic systems and a three year warranty for commercial systems.

  • Can the Anti Bio System be adapted to equipment that is using ozone or/and UV systems?
    Yes. The Anti Bio System complements the Ozone and UV systems. Any other combination of systems should be checked with an Anti Bio representative.

  • Do I have to reset the Anti Bio System if there is a blackout?
    No. The Anti Bio System will automatically reset itself when power is back on but it is wise to occasionally check your system display to ensure power is being supplied and that no error messages are being displayed.

  • Should I fit a surge protector to the power point supplying electricity to my Anti Bio System?
    As with all electronic equipment, lightning strikes and power surges can cause all types of unwanted damage to your goods. Surge protectors add that extra "peace of mind" for you.