Frequently Asked Questions

Can I clean my beer lines every 4 weeks with CellarControl?
No problem at all - some venues choose to clean every 4 weeks (rather than 6 weeks) for procedural reasons.

Is the CellarControl system available only on rent?
CellarControl is only available on rental, as this is the most cost effective way to start saving money straight away, and allows us to maintain the system regularly.

How many lines can the system treat?
The system can treat between 1 and 5 main feed lines, installed on the drop lead for each keg. Please note - the number of systems required is not based on individual tap lines.

Does it matter how long the beer lines are?
The CellarControl system is rated to treat lines up to 100 metres in length. Contact us if you have any questions.

Do I have to change my existing setup? Can the system be retrofitted?
No changes to your existing equipment are required, and your lines are cleaned the same way as before. The system can be retrofitted to almost any pub or club.

Does it matter how many kegs I turn over?
It doesn’t matter if you turn over 1 keg a week or hundreds of kegs a week - CellarControl will work for your premises.

Will the beer taste the same?
The beer will taste great, as if the lines were being cleaned weekly. With less chemicals being used and less growth occurring in the lines, the system will help maintain your beer at top quality.

How much will I save?
Every venue is different - therefore so are the savings. Contact us today to discuss the savings for your venue.

Does the system use much power?
No - The system only has minimal power requirements.

How do I know the system is working?
The system has indicator lights on the control unit and the activators, to show that the system is operating. This allows the cellar manager to ensure the system is in working order.

Can I contact one of your current clients?
Certainly, simply give us a call and we can put you through to one of our clients to discuss the system in more detail.