How does it work?

CellarControl uses low frequency sweeping sound technology used in many industries worldwide, such as pool treatment, town water treatment, hydroponics and more. The same technology is installed at The Australian Insitute of Sport, Wet’n’Wild, Movieworld and more.

Scientifically tested by Griffth University and with our technology on over 2000 sites worldwide, sweeping sound technology is proven to combat line buildup and associated bacteria to ensure clean beer lines and great quality beer at all times.

Each CellarControl system features a control unit and up to 5 activators (one activator for each line, installed at the keg). The activators treat the beer lines 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, transmitting sweeping sound frequencies preventing build-up on the beer lines, meaning you only have to do a line clean every 6 weeks and you get a clean, great tasting beer - every time. The system is unobtrusive and uses little power.

Once installed, you clean your lines the same way as before - only not as often!

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