Save time, money and serve great tasting beer with CellarControl. Clean your beer lines every 6 weeks.

Are you tired of wasting time and money on lengthy beer line cleaning procedures, and wasting litre after litre of perfectly good beer? The good news is we have finally entered a new era – there is now an easier way.

Not only does CellarControl save time, money and product wastage, it also helps keep your beer taste great by preventing line buildup and harmful bacteria before it reaches the beer taps. Easy to maintain and very cost effective, CellarControl allows you to spend less time cleaning, and more time selling. CellarControl works with all beer types and all line types - including Temprite and Glycol.

  • Clean your beer lines every six weeks.

    With CellarControl installed, your only have to clean your beer lines every six weeks! Save time and money with less beer wastage, reduced chemical usage, and less labour costs. Contact us today to calculate how much you could save.

  • Helps to maintain great beer quality.

    With less build-up occuring in within your beer lines, CellarControl will help keep your beer at top quality.

  • Peace of mind for managers - know that the beer will always be great quality.

    Cellar Managers and Licensees - have peace of mind that your beer will always be great quality if a clean is missed, or if you are going away on holiday.

  • Cost effective to install and maintain.

    CellarControl retrofits onto your existing beer lines, with virtually no modifications to your existing plant and equipment. No maintenance is required on the CellarControl system, save for a once-a-year service by a Hunter Technologies technician which is included as part of your rental. Click here to find out more about system installation.

  • Low monthly rental fee - save more than you spend!

    Our cost effective rental plans allow your to start saving money straight away.

  • 6 month money back guarantee.

    Give CellarControl a try for 6 months on your venue, and if you aren't happy with the results, we will remove the system and refund your rental payments - so you have nothing to loose and everything to gain by installing CellarControl.

For more information or to request a proposal, feel free to contact us.