The CellarControl system consists of a control unit and up to five line activators. The system is installed in the cellar room of your premises. One CellarControl system can treat up to five main feed lines, installed on each drop lead. Each beer line requires one activator near the base of the line. Once a year, an Hunter Technologies technician will service the unit to ensure the system is operating efficiently and correctly.

Works on all line types over one metre.

The system can be installed on all line types over one metre - including Temprite and Glycol lines.

Clean your lines the same way - only less often

You clean your beer lines the same way as before, just every 6 weeks instead of every week!

No maintenance required.

The CellarControl system is maintenance free - only requiring a quick once-a-year service to ensure the system is operating efficiently and correctly. This yearly service is included as part of your rental.


CellarControl consists of a small control unit and line activators which attach to your beer lines, making the system barely noticable - but you will definately notice the results.

Can be retrofitted.

CellarControl can be easily retrofitted to all existing systems with lines longer than one metre and with virtually no modifications to existing equipment. 

Only requires low power.

Unlike many other beer line cleaning systems, CellarControl only requires low power to operate.

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