The greatest innovation since the sail. HullControl.

Imagine. Imagine your vessel using less fuel, whilst travelling faster, for longer. Imagine not having to slip your vessel anywhere near as often, allowing you can enjoy your investment more often. Imagine ballast water being kept clean of algae and flowing easier. Imagine a world, where barnacles don't grow on your hull. Imagine HullControl.

How does it work?

HullControl Control Unit and Activators treating the hull of a vessel.

Using patented Sweeping Sound Frequences, HullControl prevents biofilm growth. As barnacles require biofilm to grow, without this biofilm there is a drastic reduction in biofilm growth. HullControl works on any size vessel – made of any material, and any shape. Without barnacle growth, your vessel will have less drag, allowing it to traveller faster, for longer, while using less fuel.

HullControl consists of two main parts – a Control Unit, and Activators. The Control Unit creates the patented HullControl sound wave, which is then delivered to the activators installed on the inside of the hull and any other required areas.

Not only will HullControl drastically reduce barnacle growth, it will also help reduce labour and maintenance costs by assisting with water treatment within the vessel. 

HullControl Benefits

Drastically reduced barnacle growth
HullControl uses patented and scientifically proven sound technology to remove biofilm growth from boat hulls. When used in conjunction with a reputable anti-fouling paint, HullControl can dramatically reduce barnacle growth on your vessel.

Save on fuel consumption, while keeping your vessel going faster, for longer
With less marine growth comes less drag – which means less fuel consumption. On top of that, with no barnacle growth occurring on your hull, your vessel will remain faster, for longer.

Cleaner water with less maintenance
When HullControl is installed to treat your ballast water, grey and black water tanks, HullControl can keep the water clean and running easier. Cleaning cycles can go from weekly to monthly or even more, with less odour, biofilm growth and algae build-up.

Extended filter life
When installed on your vessel’s grey and black water systems, HullControl can help to drastically extend your filter life.

Can be retrofitted or installed on new vessels
The HullControl system can be easily installed on any new vessel, and also retrofitted to existing vessels where access is available. Vessels of any size and shape can be retrofitted with HullControl.

Only requires low power
HullControl only requires minimal power – and can run on solar power where available.

HullControl – The Technology

HullControl uses patented Sweeping Sound Frequencies (SSF) combined with magnetic fields to prevent biofilm growth on any surface, including boat hulls. The same technology is used worldwide in a number of applications, including swimming pool treatment, beer line cleaning, hydroponics and more, with over 2000 sites worldwide are using the technology to make their lives easier. The system has been scientifically validated at Griffith University in Queensland, Australia.

Not only do these frequencies prevent biofilm growth, they also combat impurities in water and other liquids. These frequencies have been proven to reduce plate count in water, help eliminate bacteria and viruses (including Cryptosporidium).

These systems are also environmentally friendly, adding no chemicals at all to the environment, and requiring only low power to run – and can run on solar power in most applications. The HullControl system has been tested by independent bodies and is certified in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, USA and Canada.

In summary:

  • Sweeping Sound Frequencies are proven to prevent biofilm growth and combat bacteria/viruses in water and other liquids.

  • Scientifically proven by Griffith University

  • Environmentally friendly – No chemicals added, can run on solar energy

  • Fully certified in Australia, NZ, Europe, USA and Canada