Hallet 13 and Hallet 30Pure, safe water. Always™

UV SafeWater
Our premier line is the Hallett™ ultraviolet water treatment systems from UV Pure Technologies in Canada. It is different from any other water purification system you will have seen before. UV SafeWater provides solutions that exceed water disinfection standards for single residences, commercial operations, through to community disinfection systems for up to 5000 homes.

The UV SafeWater advantage - The Hallett System
This Hallett™ UV system from UV Pure technologies is the safest in the world. Ron Hallett founded UV Pure after more than 10 years engineering some of the world’s most sophisticated large-scale water treatment systems. He invented patented ultraviolet and ozone technologies for use in major city systems. Ron came to realize that there was risk with the design of conventional small-scale drinking water purification systems.

He decided to solve those problems and build an affordable purification system that would exceed the NSF 55A residential drinking water standard and provide homeowners, small commercial applications and communities with access to the same world-class technology that large cities demanded.