The Hallett system with unique Crossfire technology

The Hallett system incorporates a revolutionary design never before available in Australia and New Zealand for UV water treatment. Hallett Crossfire technology operates differently from conventional UV treatment systems using a fail-safe process that removes the risk associated with conventional UV systems. The Hallett system is fail-safe, self-monitoring, self-cleaning and risk free - Pure, safe water. Always.

The Hallett ultra violet systems from UV Pure Technologies redefine the standard for ultra violet water purification. The system’s unique design allows consistent delivery of the highest possible UV dose from the proprietary high-output lamps.

Crossfire Technology

The Most Effective UV Treatment:
Crossfire Technology incorporates TWO proprietary high output UV lamps, with elliptical reflectors, that target pathogens with ultraviolet light from 360°.

Risk Free Fail-safe Engineering:
Crossfire Technology uses dual smart UV sensors mounted in air, which cannot foul. Lamps are air-cooled and maintain consistent UV output. Computerized alarms, and an auto shut-off fail-safe valve are on board so you know only safe water can enter your water system.

Crossfire Technology uses a rotating stainless steel wiper blade to continually clean the inside of the quartz tube eliminating fouling and the need for a water softener, making messy and difficult quartz cleaning a thing of the past – saving time and money.

Virtually Maintenance Free:
Crossfire technology utilizes two lamps mounted in air, outside the quartz tube, so maintaining a Hallett is as easy as changing 2 light bulbs – no system draining required.

Easy to Install:
Crossfire technology employs flexible FIP for quick and simple installation. Hallett UV Systems Perform in Parallel: Hallett UV systems can be configured in parallel formation ensuring flow rates are met as required for each individual location - this means there is no need for a fully redundant system on standby. This saves money and makes regular maintenance extremely easy.

Pure, safe water. Always™