The sound approach.

Established in 2007, Hunter offers advanced environmentally friendly prevention technologies for hospitality, commercial & residential, oil & gas and beyond.


Beer line cleaning system

Improving beer quality while reducing beer line cleaning requirements. By inhibiting biofilm growth, CellarControl allows pubs and clubs to clean their lines ever six to eight weeks. Used by hundreds of venues across Australia & New Zealand.

  • Industry-leading preventative technology

  • Improved beer quality

  • Reduced beer and chemical wastage

  • Extended equipment life


UV surface and air sanitation technology

Using proprietary Hydroxyl Generation, OHAir is an exceptionally fast, effective and preventative treatment system which eliminates >99.99% of surface and air pathogens including COVID-19 – providing a safer environment and reducing the spread of bacteria and viruses.

  • Eliminates 99.99% of surface / air viruses and bacteria

  • Improves air quality

  • Provides peace-of-mind to staff and customers

  • Easily installed for any size room or building


Swimming pool treatment system

FilterControl significantly reduces biofilm within your filtration system and pipework – resulting in a cleaner, safer pool with less chemicals and reduced backwashing requirements. Works with pools of any size – from small hotel pools to large aquatic centres.

  • Reduce chemical usage and backwashing

  • Improved water quality for bathers

  • Minismise bacterial outbreaks

TOG System

Anti-fouling technology for oil & gas platforms

TOG is an innovative, environmentally friendly technology, which acts as a preventative measure for marine fouling on offshore platforms, including caissons, conductors, jacket legs and many other structures – reducing downtime and increasing efficiency while saving money.

  • Inhibits marine growth in mission-critical areas

  • Reduced downtime and maintenance

  • Improved platform efficiency

Ecoroq Filters

Fresher food, for longer with Ecoroq

Installed in cool rooms, Ecoroq keeps food fresh, eliminates odours, increases coolroom efficiency and helps provide a safer working environment.

  • Food stays fresher for longer
  • Meat/fish retains 70% more juices
  • Ecoroq reduces peak temperatures

The science behind our products.

Hunter Technologies offers revolutionary products that improve efficiency, lower costs, provide a safer work environment and produce better results. This is achieved through powerful, scientifically endorsed sweeping sound cleaning technologies, which inhibit biofilm growth – thereby reducing bacteria. The OHAir product uses proven hydroxyl generation technology via UV treatment, which eliminates viruses and bacteria in the air and on surfaces. These technologies have far-reaching benefits across many industries. The best is yet to come.

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